2020 NFL Mock Draft v.1

Even though we have only seen two weeks of NFL football, there have been plenty of college players defining their way to the big stage. Miami is in full tank mode, and the Bengals and Giants are getting close to it as well.

Below are my first selection of picks for the 2020 NFL Draft with a few singled out providing more detail behind the selection.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

3. New York Giants

Picks 1 and 2 are pretty much slotted in so far for the season, and until further notice, it’s most likely going to stay that way. Picks 3 and so on get interesting, starting off with the New York Giants finding their big play replacement for Odell Beckham Jr. Daniel Jones is the future in New York, and will need a go to receiver going forward.

5. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders era is now under way, and I believe Jon Gruden will start fresh with Justin Herbert after an up and down season with Derek Carr. The Raiders keeping three quarterbacks on the roster make me believe Gruden isn’t confident in Carr’s abilities, especially considering one of those quarterbacks is Nathan Peterman. Herbert would fully execute Gruden’s rebuild of the franchise, and could be the perfect poster boy for a new west coast team.

9. Washington Redskins

We just watch Josh Norman get torn up by the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2, and while it wight be an over exaggeration saying he needs to be replace, it is definitely fair to say he needs help in the secondary. Jeffrey Okudah is a lengthy corner, standing 6’1, and has great closing speed when it comes to disrupting the pass.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

11. Buffalo Bills

There are major strides being taken in Buffalo, and Josh Allen is looking better by the week. With the arm strength that Allen possesses, it is only right to draft a weapon like Jalen Reagor for this offense. Zay Jones hasn’t been awful, but isn’t a #1 receiver by any means, and Reagor will give the Bills a true deep threat going forward.

18. Miami Dolphins via Pittsburgh Steelers

After selecting their new franchise quarterback, they need to do a better job than they did this year at protecting the passer. After sending away their best lineman in Laremy Tunsil, the Dolphins offensive line is full of holes, but drafting Tyler Biadasz will fill immediately help the interior of the line.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

24. Miami Dolphins via Houston Texans

Miami can draft the offensive trifecta with the selection of Jonathan Taylor for Wisconsin. Taylor might not be Saquon Barkley but he is in that same game breaking running back that warrants a first round grade in todays NFL. Pair him with his old Badger friend in Biadasz, and that should bring a good amount of relief for Tagovailoa in the future.

29. Baltimore Ravens

Dylan Moses was one of my top prospects coming into the 2020 NFL Draft, but sadly tore his ACL in late August. I am so high on him I believe the ACL tear still won’t knock him out of the 1st round. Moses can truly cover sideline to sideline and is another prototypical Alabama linebacker. This fills out perfectly as the Ravens not only have a big whole left from C.J. Mosley, but happen to love Alabama defenders within the organization.

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