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2020 NFL Mock Draft v.2

Four weeks into the NFL season and wow the Miami Dolphins are bad. I have watched a team go 0-16 not once, but twice since I’ve started watching football, and they are probably worse than both those teams. Nonetheless, they might not even be the 1st overall pick come April with the way Washington and Cincinnati have looked recently.

Below is second selection of the 1st round for the 2020 NFL Draft with a few singled out providing more detail behind the selection.

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4. Arizona Cardinals

Considering there was no change in the 1st 3 picks, I will just talk about Andrew Thomas instead. Through the first four weeks of the NFL season, we have seen Kyler sacked 20 times, which leads the NFL. 

Through the first four weeks of Georgia’s season we have seen Jake Fromm been sacked a single time, and that Andrew Thomas is a man amongst boys. He should be able to slide in immediately into the Cardinals left tackle position, and provide an instant upgrade in those numbers. 

6. New York Giants 

The emergence of Daniel Jones has been not only unexpected by many, but almost costly as they move to the 6th spot and missing out on Jerry Jeudy. Now that the Giants have a legitimate quarterback prospect to protect, Walker Little still provides a massive upgrade for a major Giants need. 

Trading for Kevin Zeitler to add with up and coming guard Will Hernandez is a great start to rebuilding their terrible offensive line troubles. Free agent Nate Solder is not what they wanted him to be, nor should they have really expected it either, and drafting Walker Little will replace that flop from free agency.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston has shown a lot more bright spots than expected through the first four weeks of the NFL season, but I believe just showing other teams what he can do at this point. In a stiff division, I dont see the Bucs being able to stay competitive for a playoff spot and have a potentially great quarterback prospect sitting at 8 in Jacob Eason. 

Much like Winston’s career, you have seen Eason’s performances oscillate at Washington as well. Eason has thrown probably the prettiest passes I have seen so far this year, yet also looked mediocre at times too. If Jacob Eason can improve the way that Jameis Winston has in just a season with Bruce Arians, I think it would be safe to say the Buccaneers offense feel revitalized.  


11. Jacksonville Jaguars

Although it isn’t represented in the draft selection, I don’t believe Jalen Ramsey stays with Jacksonville too much longer, leaving a big hole for the Jaguars to fill in the roster. Not to mention A.J. Bouye could become a cap casualty in the upcoming offseason, Jacksonville could suddenly look to revamp their secondary with a new stud cornerback.

Jeffrey Okudah is my 2nd rated cornerback, and admittedly has more potential than my top ranked corner, Bryce Hall. Okudah hasn’t had as much on field success as Hall, but does flash traits of being the next great Ohio State cornerback. 

16. Buffalo Bills

The thing I loved the most about Josh Allen coming into the 2018 NFL Draft was his rocket of an arm and it has made a great transition into the NFL game as well. While they might be winning games early this season, it would be naive to say the Bills couldn’t use an upgrade at wide receiver. 

Jalen Reagor is probably the best pair with Josh Allen that the Bills could look to find in this class at wide receiver. He brings the same kind of electricity that Tyreek Hill brings to the Chiefs offense, and also will help keep defenses honest against the run.

18. Minnesota Vikings

Things were looking up for the Vikings in some ways going into Week 4, but once the Vikings played the Bears it was obvious that Kirk Cousins isn’t going to cut it for the Vikings. While they won’t be bad enough to be in the race for Tua or Herbert, there should be a few names left at the quarterback position that would interest Vikings fans in the 1st round. 


22. Cleveland Browns

After an impressive win over the Baltimore Ravens, we are finally beginning to see the true potential of this offense come to shape. It seems to have been just a matter of finding a good identity for the offense, as the defense as shown up in all the games past Week 1, and that leaves only one area of major improvement. 

The offensive line.

While I do think they will be a great regular season team, I dont see them making it past the first round of the playoffs. This sets them up perfectly to address the offensive line by selecting one of Baker Mayfield’s former teammates, Creed Humphrey. Many people view him as a cornerstone prospect, and luckily falls right into the Browns laps.

27. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys might be one of the best teams in the NFC, but lack the weapons you need to take pressure off your run game. If it wasn’t for Jason Witten coming out of retirement to return to Dallas, they would have a massive, and arguably the biggest hole at tight end. Randall Cobb is on a one year contract and aging at that, plus they still don’t know exactly what they have in Michael Gallup.

Last year I thought that Dallas would target Albert Okwuegbunam, but surprised many by staying for his final season at Missouri. Okwuegbunam is not only perfect for what the Cowboys need in their offense, but is the prototypical tight end you want in todays NFL. A year later, it looks like Dallas still finds their new explosive weapon at tight end.

29. Los Angeles Rams

A defense that has Aaron Donald shouldnt be getting shredded the way the Los Angeles Rams have been this season. This defense not only nearly single handedly lost to Christian McCaffrey and just let the Tampa Bay Buccaneers score 55 points on their heads.

Aqib Talib is not what he used to be, and the Rams are desperate for a running mate to put across Marcus Peters. Trevon Diggs not only is a great defensive back, but he is mature and well coached, so I believe he can be thrown into the fire early on for the Rams. If this secondary can keep the pass rush alive for just a half second longer, the Rams pass rush would bring back some of their swag from last season.


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