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2020 NFL Mock Draft v.5

Welcome! Hopefully your weekend wasn’t as heartbreaking as mine, but if it was hopefully you can find a prospect or two that will ease the pain of your beatdown. As always if you have any questions I am more than happy to clarify them on Twitter. @tdashwebb42

We are one game away from finishing the college football season, less than a month away from the Super Bowl and fully heading into NFL Draft mode here at! After a crazy Divisional Round of the playoffs, we now have picks 1-28 locked up, and the Baltimore, Houston, Minnesota and Seattle are now getting ready to take on the 2020 season. 

This is my first mock draft of the year that will feature TWO rounds, as well as a breakdown of key draft selections. As we get closer and closer to the real NFL Draft in April, I will be making my mock drafts longer and longer. Check out v.1, v.2, v.3 and v.4 here along with my updated NFL Draft Big Board.

3. Detroit Lions, Jeffrey Okudah

In my opinion it would probably be best for the Lions to trade this pick to a quarterback needy team, and acquire more picks. The Lions have a small window left with Matthew Stafford and needs more than one 1st rounder to win. 

But for the sake of this mock draft they draft Ohio State cornerback, Jeffrey Okudah. Cornerback is definitely a big need for the Lions, especially if they move on from Darius Slay next season. Okudah is my 4th overall player in the class and will give Matt Patricia his first elite talent on this defense. 

7. Carolina Panthers, Derrick Brown

As of right now the Panthers sit I  a pretty nice spot considering they get to snatch up whatever players “falls” due to the quarterback run early. Okudah, Thomas/Wirfs, or Brown would all be huge upgrades for Carolina and it just so happens Derrick Brown is available 7th overall. Similarly to how Jon Gruden selected players with high football I.Q. and leadership values to help reshape the culture for the Raiders, Matt Rhule could do the same with Brown.

12. Las Vegas Raiders, CeeDee Lamb

The Raiders are now in Las Vegas and nothing screams Las Vegas like CeeDee Lamb’s explosiveness. The Raiders need a lot of help at receiver, and Lamb is a receiver that is very easy to complement. He can play inside or out, gives 110% every play, makes 50/50 catches and will give Las Vegas a real shot at drafting a number one option for whoever will be under center in 2020. 

16. Atlanta Falcons, Javon Kinlaw

Even though Atlanta did have a last season surge, they still are able to find a very talented player at one of their biggest positions of need. Javon Kinlaw is a monster interior defensive lineman who creates a serious pass rush from the defensive interior. With Grady Jarrett set to hit free agency again, the Falcons can help revamp their defense by selecting Kinlaw.

24. New Orleans Saints, Tee Higgins

One of the biggest shocks of this postseason was the Vikings upsetting the Saints, thus giving them the 24th spot in the 2020 NFL Draft. This lets them bump up six spots, and drafting Tee Higgins to play Robin to Michael Thomas. 

Last mock draft I had them selecting Tyler Johnson, who is still a very great receiver, but I believe Higgins can compliment Thomas a lot more for the Saints. Higgins is a tall, lengthy receiver who will gain the respect of his defenders soon, if not immediately.

28. Baltimore Ravens, Curtis Weaver

The Ravens defense has shaped up very nicely since trading for Marcus Peters, but the front seven got completely exposed by the Tennessee Titans. Matthew Judon made it to the Pro Bowl with 9.5 sacks, but no one else recorded more than five for the Ravens this year. Even though a the team was 11th in sacks, it very easily could have been 16th (5 way tie for 11th.) which is why a versatile edge defender like Curtis Weaver is perfect for the Ravens.

While Weaver is an edge defender, he will still help bring in pass rush to a team that lacks a secondary option to get after the passer. Lamar Jackson is amazing, but if you don’t stop Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, or Ryan Tannehill then Baltimore won’t make it deep into the playoffs.

30. Green Bay Packers, Albert Okwuegbunam

With the latest shake up in the draft order, the receiver needy Packers get the short end of the stick and miss out on the wide receiver run. That won’t stop Green Bay from getting Aaron Rodgers some help though. Jimmy Graham isn’t at all the receiving threat he was when he played with the Saints, and tight end is a position that Rodgers never really has been able to use.

Okwuegbunam is exactly what the Packers thought Jimmy Graham could be for them. He won’t be too much help in the run game, but Albert has the athletic ability to be a big mismatch in the red-zone. Similar to Noah Fant coming out of Iowa last year. 

Now that we made it through the first 32 picks, we can talk about the 2nd Round. I won’t go too in depth on these selections right now, but as the 1st Round gets stale and more settled I will go in detail deeper into the draft. 

34/44. Indianapolis Colts, Jacob Eason/Jeff Gladney

The Colts have Jacoby Brissett under contract for two more years, and I don’t think he has secured the job just yet. Either way, the Colts are very thin at quarterback, and taking Jacob Eason just seems like a smart move if he is here. 

Having that 44th pick later on makes it a later easier to be risky as well. Jeff Gladney is going to be one of the fastest defensive backs in this class, and is a great value at 44th overall. The Colts are still looking for a true #1 cornerback, and Gladney will be their best chance if selected to Indianapolis. 

45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jalen Hurts

While I do think the Bucs keep Jameis Winston, they are in the same boat as the Colts. The quarterback position is a huge question mark, and if you have the chance to take a quarterback with potential you take it. Worst case scenario you bring in a high character player to be your back up quarterback.

Jalen Hurts isn’t just a regular NFL prospect though. He is already a great leader, and most importantly wants to be great. Pairing him with Bruce Arians not only could be Hurts best shot at being a legit NFL quarterback, but it could be the start of a complete culture change in Tampa Bay.

52. Los Angeles Rams, Ashtyn Davis

Wade Phillips might be gone, but the heart of this team is still going to remain with Aaron Donald and this defense. Ashtyn Davis is a track star turned football player, and is well on his way to becoming a star in football as well. This keeps the Cali kid home, and allow him to continue to learn the safety position with a good defensive staff. 

54. Buffalo Bills, D’Andre Swift

All season long I have heard how the Bills are going to take a running back early because they want someone to compliment Singletary now that Frank Gore is gone. D’Andre Swift isn’t Frank Gore but he will give Buffalo a change of pace behind Singletary.

64. Kansas City Chiefs, Jonah Jackson

Patrick Mahomes is obviously a lot better when he is healthy, and the Chiefs got a glimpse of that this season. Jonah Jackson will not just help their running game, which is very underrated due to the electrics of their passing game, but he can give the Chiefs depth at one of their weaker positions too.


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