aFootballAddict’s Fantasy Football July Stock Report: Tight Ends

Even though there might not be fans at the games, the NFL season looks to be on it’s way for 2020-2021. Which means the Fantasy Football season is underway as well. Each month I will be updating you on trends through mock drafts, fantasy football relevant news, and which players to stay away from when drafting.

In fantasy football, the right end position can make or break your season. With the TE5-TE12 all producing extremely similar outcomes, drafting a top TE can put you ahead in most leagues. The tricky part is not over drafting for a Kelce or Kittle. Below are a few names we believe will over-perform and under-perform based on their ADP.

Tight End

Trending Up

Austin Hooper

So apparently the tight end room wasn’t big enough for both Austin Hooper and David Njoku, because Njoku has asked for a trade from the Browns. That makes Hooper’s value skyrocket without having to worry about him splitting any snaps with the former Miami Hurricane. Austin Hooper was a valuable tight end for Atlanta last year, and the Browns did make him the highest paid tight end in the NFL for a reason (Hopefully?).

Even better news is that he should be available pretty late in your draft. Currently he has been going in the 12th round, or later.

Mike Gesicki

We saw flashes of production through out the season last year for Mike Gesicki and the Miami Dolphins. He was able to finish as a Top-12 tight end even with performances like going 3 catches for nine yards vs the Dallas Cowboys. His catching percentage was less than 58%, which is concerning but could be a product of sorry quarterback play. Now that Tua is running the show in Miami, I wouldn’t be shocked to see those numbers take another jump in year three. He is currently available at the very end of mock drafts right now, and could be this year’s Mark Andrews in my opinion.

Tight Ends

Trending Down

Travis Kelce

Once again we are here pushing against those urges to select “elite” tight ends early. Travis Kelce might have been the No. 1 tight end in fantasy football 3 out of the last 4 seasons, but is he more valuable than Joe Mixon or Mike Evans? No.

In my opinion, the drop off of talent for wide receivers and running backs is still too much. At least at where Travis Kelce is currently being drafted. Tight ends rarely have a large drop off, and with that I would again suggest waiting to select one.

Tyler Higbee

He isn’t even the most productive tight end on his team. Higbee’s upside is not very high in my eyes and makes me just want to pass on him no matter what for the 2020 season. There are so many players that could offer more value to your team, compared to the other tight ends you would select way later. He did have a spark towards the end of the season last year, but I would rather be wrong on that continuing than draft him and he throw up random 0s in my matchups.

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