JJ Watt and the Houston Texans Agree to Mutually Part Ways

J.J. Watt Released

The city of Houston has been through a lot with their sports franchises lately. DeAndre Hopkins got traded for a bag of crackers. James Harden and Russell Westbrook are gone. George Springer is now a Toronto Blue Jay, and now JJ Watt can be added to this list. JJ Watt posted this video via Twitter to further explain his situation with the Houston Texans.

Early Friday morning news broke that the star defensive end had requested a release of his contract. Both the Houston Texans, and JJ Watt had a meeting and mutually agreed it would be best to part ways. He had one year remaining left on his contract, and was owed $17.5 million for 2021, but not all of it was guaranteed. 

Back in 2011 Watt was drafted from Wisconsin with the 11th overall pick in the NFL Draft. Since then he has amassed 101 sacks, 172 tackles for loss, and has been voted to the All-Pro team 5 times. He has won three AP Defensive Player of the Year awards, and been the face of Houston for a decade. 

Deshaun Watson is seemingly the next to go after he has voiced his frustrations with the franchise himself. The Pro Bowl quarterback has requested a trade, and voiced it to the public. As of right now it seems the Texans are unwilling to trade their other disgruntled star, but the release of Watt could be foreshadowing the start of the rebuild.

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