NFL MVP Honors

Top Five Candidates for the 2020 NFL MVP

NFL MVP Honors

We just finished up talking about the Rookie of the Year races, now its time to look at the big boys table. Two years in a row we have seen sophomore quarterbacks put up historic seasons in route to their NFL MVP, could we make it three? Or maybe we will finally see someone besides a quarterback win the award for the first time since 2012. I will be listing my top five candidates for NFL MVP, along with an honorable mention. Obviously the season hasn’t started yet, and isn’t even confirmed, but I am sure people will find a way to let this burst their bubble.

Honorable Mention – Lamar Jackson

Of course last years NFL MVP is going to be on this list, and that is why I am using him as my honorable mention. The Ravens have something to prove after a heartbreaking ending to their franchise best season last year. Lamar is going to have another year under his belt, with even more weapons this year. I would expect to see plenty of fireworks again this year as Lamar looks to finally get that Super Bowl ring. 

Derrick Henry

I know Derrick Henry seems like a long shot, but hear me out. The way Henry is used in Tennessee’s offense is a true bell cow fashion. People may think that giving him 30 touches a game isn’t going to last a full season, but this is how Derrick Henry wants to play. He would rather run you over until you don’t get back up, rather than just run out of bounds. If the Titans are worried that they are going to lose their franchise running back because he takes too many hits, then they should have drafted a different running back. If he can carry his monster end of the year run, into 2020, I think NFL MVP won’t be too far out of the question. 

Derrick Henry

Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey’s numbers were record breaking last season, and I could see them somehow going up next season. Joe Brady is now the offensive coordinator for the Panthers, and they bring in a quarterback not named Kyle Allen to take the starting snaps this year. Those alone should bring an uptick to this offense, and possibly help give McCaffrey the boost to win NFL MVP. 

Russell Wilson

Even as a Ravens fan I think it is a little crazy Lamar Jackson won his MVP last year unanimously considering what Russell Wilson did in 2019. Could Wilson use that as something to motivate him even further this season? Hell yes. Russell Wilson is stepping into his prime and doing ridiculous things. If D.K. Metcalf can continue his momentum from the end of the season last year, the Seahawks’ offense will be putting up big numbers. Wilson’s career has been spectacular as is, but an NFL MVP would surely cement is place on the all time list.

Patrick Mahomes

If it wasn’t for that freak knee injury last season, we could have seen Mahomes win back to back MVPs. Nothing changed about the Kansas City offense besides them getting a new 1st Round running back to play with. There is no reason not to expect outrageous numbers coming out of this offense, and Mahomes will be the conductor behind most of them. Not to mention he isn’t pushing for back to back MVPs anymore, which we all know the media hates to give out now. Barring injury, or another COVID shut down, Patrick Mahomes will be a heavy favorite to win the NFL MVP once again. 

Kyler Murray

I called Patrick Mahomes. I called Lamar Jackson next. Kyler Murray is my pick for the 2020 NFL MVP. Lets just state the obvious that throwing to DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk and many others, makes it stupidly easy to put up MVP numbers as a quarterback. Factor in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense, and the fact that Kyler gets another year under his belt, and all signs point towards an uptick in stats for the young quarterback. The Cardinals put up a fight twice against the 49ers, once against the Ravens, and even knocked off the Seahawks late in the year. This team has the chance to make some positive steps in 2020, and it’ll be up to Kyler Murray to make those happen.

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