Notes From Pylon’s Texas Classic |

I was able to catch the second day of Pylon’s Texas Classic at Mansfield Summit High School. Teams from Washington, Oklahoma, and Texas all came out to play and the fields were packed with talent. I walked out with some new names on my radar, and other names reassured previous thoughts of them already. I thought I would talk about some of my notes throughout the tournament. 

Jason Brown has amazing speed and turns it on in a blink of the eye. Brown is a ‘24 five-star athlete out of Seattle, Washington and plays for O’Dea High School. They have the Top-2 prospects in Washington for the Class of ’24. Isendre Ahfua is the No. 1 IOL in 2024 which should make for a lethal combination in the running game. He was a great tool for Team FSP, even out of the back field which isn’t very common in 7 on 7 play. I loved his attitude off the field too. He seemed to be a positive force on the sideline when around him. Expect names like USC & Washington to be major names in his recruitment.

Texas Flex had both of their quarterbacks looking very sharp this weekend. ‘24 QB Cole Welliver flashed his arm strength with multiple deep passes into the wind. He was one of the only quarterbacks that played well when facing the wind this weekend. I thought he once again showed why he has a four-star ranking currently, along with his 6’6 frame. Welliver will be looking to help Marcus High School find a state championship during his junior season. 

Texas Tech commit Jake Strong also had a great weekend. He was able to read defenses consistently, hit all levels of the field, and made very few mistakes. His team went on to win the Texas Classic. 

Hogan Hansen is a tight end in the Class of 2024 with a beautiful 6’6 frame. When in the red zone it was almost like the quarterback was looking for any “alley-oop”. At his age he is a mismatch nightmare right now on the field.

Last but not least we have Kelden Ryan. Class of ‘25 quarterback from Keller Central High School. For a freshman he stands out like a sore thumb. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was close to 6’3 without doing too much research to confirm anything. With three more years left in high school the sky’s the limit for Ryan’s potential. A number of schools are already looking into his talents including Arkansas & Baylor.

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