Where Should Malik Willis End Up?

After the Senior Bowl I think everyone’s opinion on Malik Willis is pretty much solidified. He is a very talented prospect but is still very raw & inconsistent. I still think plenty of NFL teams are going to view his upside as something they shouldn’t pass up on. Especially when looking at teams that are simply a quarterback away from being a solid team. 

Tennessee Titans 

Ryan Tannehill was last seen throwing away the Titans’ No. 1 seed against the Cincinnati Bengals. While he did do plenty of positive things for the Titans this season he is still someone that holds this offense back. You have one of the best running backs of the past decade in your back field, plus two very talented wide receivers, yet the ball still struggles to move sometimes. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

With Ben Roethlisberger retired, things are going to look very different in Pittsburgh going forward. The Steelers could very well make a trade for a more proven quarterback, but Malik Willis would fit their offense so well. 

Najee Harris is a workhorse running back that will luckily take a lot of pressure off Willis. You could mix in read option plays into the offense and potential have a very lethal rushing attack. Pittsburgh also has the receiver depth to force a defense to pretty much always respect the pass. 

Washington Commanders

Now that the Washington Commanders have unveiled their new name, it would be fitting to get a possible new franchise piece as well. Currently the roster isn’t too far off from competing, especially inside their division. Though the defense struggled last year they still have plenty of talent on that side of the ball. They also have a decent group of receivers, and a very promising running back in Antonio Gibson. 

The Commanders could have Willis sit behind Taylor Heinicke or whoever else they want to bring in for next season, and allow him time to adjust to his team. Similar to what Lamar Jackson went through in Baltimore I think if Malik can sit for at least a half season the Commanders could compete in the NFC East in Year 2.

Denver Broncos

Obviously with the weapons that Denver has, the idea of giving them a threat at quarterback is very exciting. The only reason I have them as fourth is because I feel they are more serious contenders to make a trade for Aaron Rodgers or even a Russell Wilson before they draft a quarterback. 

With that being said if they did draft a quarterback Malik Willis would give them a lot of things to do offensively. Willis offers something that Denver really hasn’t had since I’ve been alive and that’s mobility. When you have to worry about receivers like Sutton, Jeudy, and even Tim Patrick; there will be a lot of open field for him to eat up. As long as Denver doesn’t throw him into the fire I think Malik Willis would be able to have a very solid career there.