What Happens With Hudson Card? | Where Should He Go?

Hudson Card

The commitment of Arch Manning is obviously a big deal for Longhorns nation but it does bring up a dilemma. What happens with Hudson Card? At one point he was potentially going to start for Texas this season and then things got wacky. The Lake Travis native is now on the outside looking in at starting for the Longhorns ever in his career.

Hudson Card was one of the top quarterbacks in the 2019 recruiting class but never got a real shot to ever see the field. Card wasn’t even the own Top-10 quarterback in his signing class when he committed to the Longhorns. Four-star quarterback Ja’Quinden Jackson was also committed to Texas making things murky from the jump for Card.  

At this point it is expected for him to be the back-up quarterback in 2022. Could Ewers not turn out to be what we think and Hudson take over? Of course, but until that happens this seems like Quinn Ewers job to lose. More than likely Card will finish out his degree with the University of Texas, then move on. Here are a few options that I think Hudson Card would fit in immediately, and would love to have him on their roster.


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Oklahoma State

The Cowboys have gained a ton of momentum after a very successful 2021 season. Spencer Sanders has proven to be able to win games, and even help the Pokes contender for a Big-12 title. However this is his final season with the Cowboys and the Pokes are very young behind Sanders. I think Card could slide right in and be able to produce the same way Sanders has done thus far. 

This is a very significant time for Oklahoma State considering the Big-12 will be wide open for the taking with OU and Texas leaving for the SEC. If Hudson Card were to head to Stillwater he could help them remain a serious contender in the Big-12 and perhaps even for the CFB. It’s not too far from Austin, Texas and he even gets a shot to face the Longhorns too.

Texas Tech

Texas Tech was very active in the pursuit of Quinn Ewers and I think the Raiders are still looking for a superstar to put under center. They are in a very similar position Oklahoma State is in too with Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big-12. There isn’t as big of a drop off in the QB room for Tech, but they have been very aggressive since Joey McGuire stepped in as HC. Card could make them a very serious offense and gives McGuire a leader to help shift the culture at Tech. 

Florida State

The Seminoles are getting rather desperate to get back on track football wise, and the transfer portal is a quick way to do so. Like I said earlier Hudson Card is still an elite prospect and I think the Seminoles would love to have him. They have been very active in the 2023 recruiting cycle to find a quarterback even with Chris Parson committed (He is no longer committed to FSU). As of late Florida State has struggled to develop a young quarterback into a legit prospect, and that has been a big reason for their downfall. Card gives them a pretty known prospect at quarterback which is something they haven’t had in awhile.

The ACC is pretty wide open outside of Clemson, but teams like North Carolina & Miami are trying to make a surge. Florida State should be right there along with those schools, and I expect them to be very soon.


I think Hudson Card and Desmond Ridder are very similar types of quarterbacks. Card is a very underrated athlete and can definitely flash the wheels when needed. Obviously Desmond Ridder has helped build something very special with the Bearcats and I am sure they would like to continue that momentum. A great way to avoid falling off is making sure you don’t have any issues under center.

If the Bearcats can continue to develop the talent they get, plus recruit the way they have, Card would be joining a very good roster. As they head into the Big-12 I believe they will want to be contenders as early as possible. Card will have a good feel for most the schools in that conference already, which is something that could be very helpful early in the Big-12.